Let's Talk! since 1998...


Let’s Talk! was founded by Miss Frances in 1998. It is the FIRST TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) language center in Hong Kong specializes in cross-curriculum language teaching for young learners.


For example, Cooking with English, Hip Hop English, Hairdressing English, Makeup English and Mandarin Pop English. All our classes are topic and activity based.

ESL Communications since 2004...

In 2004, Miss Frances reached out to corporate training and started ESL Communications. For most of our adult learners, our courses are an eye-opener for them as they have never experienced any English program like ours --- learning through LANGUAGE GAMES.


Our GAMES are designed to stimulate your creativity and enhance your English communication skills.


Our popular courses include Say Your Name CorrectlyFix Your Tongue in 3 Days, Always Use the Right Tone33 Must-Know Idioms for Work, The Importance of Colloquial EnglishNo More Complaints, A to Z Personality, 'Will or Going to'?, "Have you or Did you?", Small Talk, Big Impact and many more.