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Our programs are custom designed to suit your requirements.

Below are our popular and signature ones :

corporate training language training fun interactive engaging language games business writng presentation publi speaking customer service reply complaints pronunciation common writing errors food and wine
Corporate Training
  • Fix Your Tongue in 3 Days 

  • Use the Right Tone, Always!

  • The 4C's in Business Writing 

  • No More "Repeat again, please." 

  • Top 88 Writing ERRORS in Asia

  • Now You're REALLY Talking!

  • WOW! Presentation 

  • No More Complaints 

  • Can You Hear Me Now? (voice and speech training)

  • Table for Six

  • 33 Must-Learn Idioms  

  • Words You Can't Say Unless...

make up English WhatsApp English cool English voice dubbing Mandarin English rapping in English stand-up English Hip Hop English
  • Create Your Own Sit-com

  • WhatsApp English

  • Grammar IS Fun

  • Make Me Cool with Words 

  • Voice Dubbing 

  • Rapping in English 

  • Social English for Social Media

  • Know Your Manners 

  • Fashion Show MC

  • A - Z Personality 

  • One-Day Stand-Up 

  • Superstitions

grammar job interview cv cover letter say your English name correctly dress to impress styling and grooming personalites small talk food and drinks
  • "IF" Functions

  • Say Your Name Correctly 

  • Grammar Saved Me

  • Go and Get Your Next Ideal Job! 

  • Your Cover Letter Matters

  • Complain in Style

  • Is 'Nice' Your Only Vocabulary?

  • A - Z Personality 

  • Small Talk, Big Impact 

  • One Night Stand...Up

  • Shrimp or Prawn?

  • Dress to Impress

chain story paper imagination drama English hairdressing English cooking with Engish laughing English
Young Learners
  • Paper Imagination 

  • Chain Story Through WhatsApp 

  • "Job" Interview

  • A - Z Action Words 

  • 100 Objects in English

  • No-Shakespeare Drama 

  • YouTube Teacher 

  • Record Your First English Album 

  • Hairdressing English 

  • Cooking with English 

  • Boardgame English 

  • Make Me LOL

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